It's amazing how quickly time passes, that is when you're having fun. It's already been a year since the last ArtoberFest in the city of Winter Springs. It was only our second show ever. Now that we've done a half dozen or so, we are just as excited as then. We hope to see some familiar faces again and look forward to meeting new ones. We will be showing a few new prints along with some of our most popular pieces. We also have two new larger sizes to choose from. With the addition of a new printer, we're able to print up to 44 inches wide. In landscape size does matter.

If you have time come out and enjoy some amazing art at the show and make sure you stop by and say hello. We will be at booth 110 near the entrance. The show is Saturday 17th and Sunday the 18th. Click the link below for details.  

 See you there!