I hope to capture nature's beauty as well as convey what I experience to viewers of my photographs.

To accomplish this, first I must capture the image with all of the elements present. Lighting, along with other environmental conditions are assessed. The position of the camera, choice of lens, aperture and exposure setting must be considered. When all of the elements of the composition meet my expectations, then and only then do I press the shutter to record and share "My Experience."

More often than not, this can’t be achieved during my first visit to a new location. It’s often necessary to return several times before the composition reflects the more subtle aspects of “being there.”

I have chosen to present my pictures in black and white. It's my belief black and white images allow us to focus on the subject including the finest details. The subtle changes in tonality are calming to the mind and soul. The changes in contrast encourage us to look deeper for hidden beauty.

What is the first thing you notice in a color photograph? What is the first thing you see in a black and white image? You may be surprised at the differences in your responses to these very different mediums.